Fanfiction – Spectra

>> Drabble in Oneshot

Title: Spectra

Behind her fate of being a color blind, she would never forget the color that decorated her life through the marbles—those marbles that he had given her for a life.

Rated: 13+ PG.
Length: 1,001 words
Fandom: Project K
Featuring: MikotoAnna {Mikoto x Anna}

  • Mikoto Suoh
  • Kushina Anna
  • HOMRA cast

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Fanfiction – The Secret

>> Oneshot – Long

Title: The Secret

Jafar realized that after mere rivalry turned into something, much much deeper, Sharrkan’s and Yamuraiha’s relationship was viewed to be something much much intimate.

Rated: 15+ PG. Contain Suggestive scene, but not explicit.
Length: 1,401 words
Fandom: Magi
Featuring: Sharyamu {Sharrkan x Yamuraiha}

  • Sharrkan
  • Yamuraiha
  • Jafaar

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Fanfiction – Placebo

>> Oneshot – Long

Title: Placebo

His kiss was a placebo for her sick body as well as her lips was a bliss for his bored entity. 

They were the salves for the wounds that each other bore. 
After all, wasn’t it better to endure the pain together than being in it alone?

Rated: 15+ PG. Contain Suggestive scene, but not explicit.
Length: 4,134 words
Fandom: Kuroko no Basuke
Featuring: Aomomo {Aomine x Momoi}

  • Aomine Daiki
  • Momoi Satsuki

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Welcome to The Thirteenth Hour

Where procrastination might be a mundane thing to encounter, and endless pit of fictions and art may await you in your slumber.


Still, I welcome you to this blog. Might be used for a draft blog where I will keep my art and fictions over here, or simply to be just a place to exhibit my works to the world. Even perhaps, posting some of my life rantings inside of the ‘Read More’ brackets.

I do know that internet readers are not mostly fond of private rants. So I would.

Named Thirteenth Hour, since I believe of second chances and the magic of procrastination.

As the sole administrator of this tiny, little blog, I welcome you to enjoy your patronage here and toward the end of this tiny blog might end.

Who knows about a future anyway?