Rants: College Life soon starts.

Skip this post if you don’t want to read my rantings, but I really need to write it out since I’m really stressed. Though, I’m more than thank you if you could share your thoughts and response, since I’m really confused with my current situation.

This post is about my rantings regarding my sudden enrollment to a prestigious college near my new house. Which to my dismay, might be the reason for why I’m feeling bitter about leaving my old school and friends, and what sort of memories that I’ve scattered in the community. And thinking about living up in the college dorm and forced to be in a place where rich people with some inferior motive to bully a person like me, is just not it.

So the reason for my enrollment is not only because it is near to my new house, however, I was tired with the outburst of works and constant (which means like three or four exams a day, and that could happen every week) exams in my current school and in additionthat I’m thinking up on enrolling / requesting a student visa to go to US. Which means, I’ll need to be independent and be able to take care of my own problems and daily needs. That is one of the reasons why my parents and I agreed to this term that I’ll be going through for this two whole years.

And that is not all. I enroll to this college because my best friend also goes there, and I don’t know what to do since we have sticked together like 8 years, and we are very very close. We promised that we are going to go to the college and stay in the dorm together, and honestly, I don’t really have any choice other than to accept her offer.

As much as I want to regret (partially) my decision on going to that college, I have somehow needs to toughen up since I’M going away to other countries after all; new challenges are something to look forward and done; not to be a reason for me to run away. But somehow through the process, I find myself wary and frightened.

My friend here who had friends there said that there are a lot of bullies and young smokers in the college (even though I’ve mentioned before that it is prestigious), and someone like me (who has a very different taste on making the definition of ‘fun’) will be bullied. He said that 99% of the chance is that I’ll get verbal abuse, and certain isolation inside of the community. I am committed and very much despised drugs and smoke. My dad smoke all the time, and I’m sure as hell that I’m not liking any of it. Drugs, however, is different. I’ve never seen a drug or seeing someone close to me drugs, before, but I’m committed.

I have heard also about the rumour that they are rich kids who smokes and do some shady stuffs as well. I knew about this AFTER I’ve done my administration stuff (meaning I couldn’t back away anymore).

This is why I want to move quickly to my cousin’s place in US, Philadelphia.


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