Dangan Ronpa – Playthrough

I’m going to update this post occasionally if I have progressed through the game (usually in a week to Beat it. I haven’t mentioned any promise to Complete it yet).

Since I’m really hyped up for Dangan Ronpa (so much that it freaked me out). I’m playing it today (as the English fans-translation came out over here from Zetsubou TLC and we really need to thank a bunch because they translated the whole thing.) Whoops. I’m still through Chapter 1 and hasn’t finished it yet, but so far, it is very enjoyable.

Especially if you like 999 (NDS Game). Dangan Ronpa is the exact copy (not exactly either though, similar) of that game, and if you understand how to navigate through 999, I could assume you’ll be good at playing Danganronpa.

Umm I haven’t gone through the puzzles yet so hehe. 

Since this is a playthrough, it may be full of spoilers. And some walkthrough. Hehe. But I’m a casual gamer, so don’t really expect me to make a full walkthrough.

And playing Danganronpa is also like tge mix of Persona 4 (yeah, P4, or P3 for specifics), and Persona 2 dungeon-walking, and 999 puzzles / investigation mode.

So let’s just go on.

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