Alice’s Guide to Play Japanese Region-Locked Apps in Android

I don’t really know if it GENERALLY works though. (refer to Bu-Bu San’s Post in OH), but I have made some Japanese restricted / region locked applications and games were played in my Android. Oh well, just … don’t ask me if it doesn’t really work, since there are actually a lot of ways for you to make your Android works on the games. I don’t really know about mobage though.

I’ve heard some friends of mine can’t play Tokimeki Restaurant because their Google Play Store won’t allow them to download it. So I use this way and it works.

My ways are:

  1. Download APK Downloader. This is only available for Chrome. Follow the instruction on the link.
  2. *If you have downloaded the .CRX file (Chrome Extension file) but is not installed yet, type on the address: chrome://extensions and drag your .CRX file to the page.
  3. Afterward, if you are done with it, you should have seen this on your Google Play page. tokimemo
  4. Afterward, click that icon I circled and it will let the app be downloaded to your PC.
  5. Download AirDroid in your Android. It is a very useful application whether you don’t use it for this purpose or not.
  6. After you have installed it, connect your PC to your WiFi (with your Android is connected to the same WiFi as well)
  7. Then, see on your Android (1): It has the IP Address. Type that IP in your Chrome and it’ll look like this (2):posu1 posu
  8. Afterward, your Android will receive this message:
  9. Accept it, and your PC will connect with your Android.
  10. Afterward, see the AirDroid page on your Chrome and click ‘Apps’.
  11. Then, click ‘Install Apps’.posu3
  12. Choose your APK that you want to install.posu4



  13. And it’s done!Screenshot_2013-05-18-22-07-41

Hope that somebody will be helped by this post. Just want to share what I can do as an otome games fans. I’ll try to answer any question if you like to.