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Title: Distorted Maze
Description & Characters Post


“Because when you come inside of the Labyrinth, you will never be able to back away. You are bound to it, and it will keep yearning for you to come. So that is why, don’t go near the Labyrinth, don’t let your curiosity gets you killed.

After all, who believes in the old myth of an Eden that is guarded by thousand of mythical beings existed inside of the Labyrinth in this modern time? Of course, it is not you six, is it?”

Rated: 15+ PG.
Genre: Fantasy, Romance, Angst, Adventure, Mystery.

Distorted Maze is a story about six teenagers who are bound to explore and travel a certain magical ‘Labyrinth’ that existed in a rural and forbidden forest in Japan. They were bound with blood to keep coming again and venture the labyrinth until they could grasp the ‘hidden treasure’ inside.

This story is set in the modern future time where mere humans do not believe in magic, and could only rely on the power of skeptical science, and proof. While they do, slowly the Labyrinth which changes all the time grows and until the time comes where it swallows the world into a whole new Labyrinth, the teenagers need to complete their purpose there as they are racing against time.

Main Characters: 

  • Yoshida Hanamaru (吉田 花丸)
  • Age: 16 (Found the existence of the Labyrinth at the age of 10)

A pink-dyed haired girl whose grandparents were monks in a very old temple in a rural area in Japan who guarded the forbidden forest that had the secret labyrinth for hundred years. The first time she went to the temple was because of the divorcement of her mother and father. Afterward, she stayed there with her grandfather and grandmother. A year after, her father died because of nuclear explosion in his workplace, and months after, she was living with her mother who was working as a local prostitute ever since.

She was a shy girl who was questionably very athletic and flexible. Although she stared at classic literature, she was pretty bad at mathematics. Her childhood friend is Ryuuji, and she clings and relied on him while she was staying in the village and exploring the labyrinth. Somehow glued to Kikou even though he gave her a cold shoulder.

  • Kikou (キコ)
  • Age: Unknown

A boy who had strange dirty blond hair and blue eyes. He was taller than an average boy in the village, and somehow older at least a year or two than Hana. He was as mysterious as his name implied, and he did not express any various expression toward the girl. He always appeared on windy days on the roof of the wrecked temple inside of the entrance of the labyrinth.

  • Ryuuji Sasaki (龍二 佐々木)
  • Age: 18 (Found the existence of the Labyrinth at the age of 10)

Ryuuji, or Ryuu for short, is childhood best friend of Hana who is a jack of all tribes. He has sharp black eyes, and unusual teal hair. As much as he wanted to be, he is a dense person who is insensitive to all of the issues surrounding him. Despite being one of the brains that work inside of the group that exploring the Labyrinth, he is a good combatant, but with low defense.

He is very talented at everything, but despite all that, he respected Hana as the one who is more talented than he is. He doesn’t really like Kikou.

  • Minamoto Miu (源 みゅう)
  • Age: 17 (Found the existence of the Labyrinth at the age of 16)

Miu is a humble girl that is older than most of the other cast. But her appearance gives off the younger feel more than Elaine or Hana do, however. She is the first one who manage to realize the danger that might lie inside of the labyrinth other than Kikou and she is always be the one who were cautious about everything. She is apparently a close internet friend of Ryuuji.

She stayed in an all-girl college dorm alone and knew about Ryuuji in internet forum. She had parents who got divorced for mysterious reason.

  • Joe Weissman
  • Age: 18 (Found the existence of the Labyrinth at the age of 18)

A playboy from America who got into the mess of the labyrinth while he was searching ancient books from his grandfather’s bookshelves. He joined the gang as soon as he found the dead pigeon inside of room one. Unlike the others, he was pretty ordinary excluding his habitual gibe that makes the mood inside of the group. He is naturally a jock.

  • Elaine McDowell
  • Age: 15

The youngest member amongst all six. She is the last one to join the cast and head straight into the labyrinth. Even though she is the youngest, she is always the one who takes the first initiative. She joined the crew because she wanted to repay the debt she had inside the labyrinth.


This is just an individual project of mine. Made because I am inspired of something, and somehow I won’t stop thinking about it. Certainly I will try to update this story as fast as possible with some crappy images that I have drawn by myself, but surely, it won’t blind your eyes and hopefully, it could make you like this story more than I do.