Alice’s Guide to Otome Gaming

The updates about this blog will be thoroughly describe below. Well, since a blog containing fanfictions and art reviews only is pretty boring for me, I’ll upgrade it into reviews and some noob-ish articles that are written by me. Humbly share it to everyone since I’m a newbie, and even a slight feedback is very nice.

Okay let’s get back to the topic.

This is just what I thought, and what I would like to share to everyone who enjoys otome-games, or is just new to this fandom / how this works. I’m no expert or what sort, but I’ve observed the fandom and otome-games for over a year, so I’m thinking that it might be a good idea to spread otome-games (even though my blog is small, but by sharing this post to social networks, it might grow bigger).

So yes, I’m trying to make an article regarding ‘otome-games’, ‘otomege’, ‘how it kinda works inside of the production’, and also the ‘fandom’. Yes, you could call me a boring manic for this, but I just can’t help myself.

Beware that some of the things that are written here are from my observation, added some additional points and informations around wiki and the internet community. Credits and sources are below. Please don’t flame me because of my wrong usage of terms; you may corrected me in the comments and I’ll be more than glad to edit this post and credit the editings for you.

  • Update 01 (18/05/2013): Made the new post. Have explained about:
    – What is Otome Games?
    – How about BL?
    – What plaforms do we need to use to play Otome Games?
    Where to buy Otome Games?
    – Are there any English Version of ___ Otome Game?
  • Update 02 (18/05/2013): Added:
    Key Sites for Otome Games news
    iOS & Android Otome Games listing
    – More thorough explanation about shipping and proxies.
    – Sending fanmails requesting english localization explanation.

Since this post is full of text, it is suggested that you CTRL+F the thing you want to search by using the keyword above in the updates. Hope this post helps somebody!

alice3ify's noobish guide

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